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D2 Performing Company strives to not only achieve success but also to present unique, creative pieces that share stories, entertain audiences, and evoke emotion. With the talents of our award winning choreographers combined with our dancers’ immense passion and expression, D2 has become known for finding its way not only onto the stage for awards but also into people’s hearts.

D2 competitors are serious, dedicated dancers with a passion to perform.  Our dancers are technically trained through Duet Dance Academy and come together as a team to compete as a company.  D2 competes in all styles and levels of dance so that every dancer can have a time to shine! From our youngest novice dancer to our most elite senior, we are proud to say that our team is a family of dancers who know each other and support each other through these amazing journeys!  Our novice, intermediate, and elite companies not only excel in their own levels but they also additionally join together each year for a full company dance showcasing the talents of all.  As a team, we’ve found our passion and are excited to share that with our audiences at each competitive event we attend!


D2 has won numerous regional competitions and national championships, as well as regularly given performance awards, choreography awards, special judges’ awards, and technique awards.  D2 dances generally receive the highest platinum adjudications In addition to their overall placements.  D2 soloists are regularly awarded scholarships, stand-out awards, invitations for special performance events, and Miss Dance titles.  We are very proud of our team and their achievements!  It is through their hard work, dedication, and team focus that we are able to be recognized for this thing they love doing.


Our competitive dancers are required to take specific technique classes each week in addition to their weekly dance rehearsals. Our competitive season runs from July through the following June.  Registration and placement auditions are during the spring of each year. For more information on being part of our team, please contact our office. 

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